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Testimonials ‘’GOD JOB!’’   When I first started out with Paul my core was so bad that I had constant pain in my lower back and I stood with my knees slightly bent. I struggled to stand up in one place for more than a few seconds at a time.  Paul introduced me to his core strengthen exercise classes one night per week and then to his circuit training class on a different night. Paul showed me the proper technique on how to do each exercise and explained what muscle was being worked and why. After one month I found a considerable change in the shape of my body and the pains in my lower back were gone.  After two months I noticed the muscle tone on my stomach and also noticed I was becoming much fitter and of course slimmer around the waste.  I feel a completely different person - much stronger, healthier and much fitter.  My self- confidence is much better and I can go about my work now with out fear of back pain. Over all I am much happier person since I started with Paul Tully Fitness. David Cannon
Testimonials ‘’BIG THUMBS UP!’’ I just wanted to let you know how you have changed my life....and I am not kidding. Before  I went to you to get myself some level of fitness I was having terrible trouble with my left  knee and hip.   Fair play to you, you took all of my moaning and whinging in your stride and devised a plan  to suit my abilities. You encouraged me and motivated me when I needed it and you also let  me rest when I needed to do that.   With your help I can now categorically state that I am pain free in both knee and hip and I  am even doing the Ladies Mini Marathon this coming June. I know I would never have  gotten this far by myself so I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help.  Angie